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“I love E-Z Patch and only use the your product in my underwater repairs.”

“I tried several other products from Puddy to only plaster for underwater repair to repair my plaster rebar rust spot and they all failed. Thank you so much for having E-Z Patch available. The cost is very fair and worth every dime that I spent for it. It seems to be exactly what I needed for this rebar rust problem. I did not have to also put E-Z Patch 1 F.S. White Pool Plaster over the E-Z Patch 7 Rust Rebar repair as the E-Z Patch 7 gray color blends in perfect with my white/blue/grayish Marcite finish. I am also happy that I did not have to drain the pool water to do the repair. The pool is only 8 years old and I am not even thinking about any kind of Marcite resurfacing at this point. You can consider me a very happy customer. Thanks again for everything. Not having to look at that old rust now has made my life a whole lot nicer. Have a great day and God bless you all.”

“Its not often that I feel compelled to write to a supplier. I am a pool repair contractor with 29 years experience. I have been using E-Z Patch repair kits for over ten years with great success. I like the fact that I can carry repair kits in stock to solve three or four different problems at a time, and am able to avoid the expensive callbacks to complete a job. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your great ideas.”

“I have used E-Z Products line of products since 1984 and continue to use them because they are the best. I strongly recommend their products. I especially use their E-Z Patch #1F.S. Fast Set Pool Plaster Repair, E-Z Patch #2 Pooldeck Repair, E-Z Patch #7 Rebar Rust Repair, E-Z Patch #22 Silicone Rubber set/grout for pool tile, E-Z Patch #24 Elastomeric Crack Preventer, E-Z Pooldeck Coating and E-Z Patch #23 Rubber Expansion Joint Sealant.”

“I have a unique business that makes pool covers that are safety covers, solar covers, keeps out dirt and debris and allows pool owners that no longer use their pool to hibernate them for many years. I have used your products on two different pools and have saved thousands of dollars by restoring the pools using your products rather than having to re-plaster or re-deck their pools. I was given an estimate to re-plaster the first pool for over $4000.00.
The pool had a couple of spots where the plaster had peeled off . One of the spots had some rebar rust in it. The company said the only way to solve that problem was to re-plaster the pool. I contacted E-Z Patch and purchased E-Z Patch 1 (White Pool Plaster Repair) and E-Z Patch 7 (Rust Rebar Repair) that resolved the problem. Doing this saved me a lot of money!
The second pool showed rust stains. We chipped out the rust spot areas and used E-Z Patch 7 (Rust Rebar Repair) and then the E-Z Patch 1 (White Pool Plaster Repair).The 47 year old pooldeck needed repairs also. We used your E-Z Patch 2 (Pooldeck Repair) which made the repairs easy. Then we painted the deck with E-Z Pooldeck Coating. Overall, we spent less than $600.00 to make the pool and decking look new. We saved over $6000.00 on this pool alone.
We are going to recommend your products as an option to re-plastering and re-decking to all of our customers.”

“We operate a service and Swimming Pool Repair Company, as well as a Retail Store in Tempe, Arizona. Homeowners are frequently looking for products to do their own repairs on pools. Your repair products work “E-Z” for them! We have had no complaints or reports of failure with your products, which we have carried for years. We also have used your products on our own field repairs with great success.”

“I am writing this letter to thank everyone at E-Z Products for producing excellent products, which we have been selling for the past several years.

I have appreciated the fact that when we sell E-Z Patch to a customer, they do not come back with complaints about their patch job coming off. As we all know, customer complaints are a problem that no one wants to handle and your products have eliminated the complaints of a bad repair job. Now my customers can purchase E-Z Patch, go to the job, easily do the job and leave the job knowing that they do not have to return to the job and fix it again. Please keep up the good work and high quality in your products!”

“We have been using E-Z Patch Repair Kits manufactured by E-Z Products since 1980. We have found their products to be of superior quality with easy market ability. We have found E-Z Products an honest and dependable company with which to do business. We are pleased to recommend this company and their product line.”

“We have sold E-Z Patch Repair Kits successfully since 1986 to pool service repairmen and retail stores. We have received very positive responses to the entire line. Servicemen have expressed that the products seem to outperform all other similar products. E-Z Products has also been a friendly, responsive and honest company to deal with.”

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