E-Z Patch® 3 Thinset Pool Tile Setting Cement
E-Z Patch® 3


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      E-Z Patch® 3 (White) Thinset Pool Tile Setting Cement contains a special formula which bonds better and allows all tiles to be reset flush with the existing tiles including cap tile or dry clay tile. This product contains special modified materials with pozzolans (siliceous volcanic ash) and polymers.  Repair work must be done above water or with the water level lowered. After doing the repairs, the pool may be refilled the next day.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      How thick can I apply E-Z Patch® 3?

      The thickness should be ¼” or less. If the repair requires a deeper repair than ¼”, we suggest filling-in the deeper area first with E-Z Patch® 4 and allow to dry. Then dampen the area with water and apply E-Z Patch® 3.

      Is there anything that I should do special at areas that are cracked?

      Ground movement is usually the reason for cracks. We suggest applying E-Z Patch® 24 Elastic Crack Preventer to the cracks prior to repairing, but actually E-Z Patch® 22 S.S. is the best to use to set and grout the tiles where there are crack problems.

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