Why is the min. suggested thickness (depth) of repair materials applied necessary?

Our suggested depth for repairs has been learned from years of experience using all of our products on repair or renovation jobs. The suggested min. depth ensures a long lasting repair.

Do I need to drain my pool to make repairs?

For a lot of repairs the answer is NO.

The following repair kits can be used to do repairs underwater:

E-Z Patch® 1 F.S. White Pool Plaster Repair

E-Z Patch® 4 F.S. White Thinset/Pool Tile Grout Repair

E-Z Patch® 7 Rust Rebar Repair

E-Z Patch® 9 F.S. Pebble Plaster Repair

E-Z Patch® 10 F.S. Quartz Plaster Repair

E-Z Patch® 11 F.S. Glass Bead Plaster Repair

E-Z Patch® 12 F.S. Blended Plaster Repair (Mixture of Pebble, Glass Beads & Quartz)

E-Z Patch® 28 Clear Vinyl Liner Repair Sealant

These are fast setting formulas that are designed for doing repairs underwater as well as doing fast repairs above water (when the pool water is lowered below the repair area).

How do I repair a “Cantilevered edge” pool deck?

Cantilevered edge pool decks can break off on the underside. That means the repair must be completed against gravity. We developed a repair kit, E-Z Patch® 6, with full instructions that allows you to easily repair cantilevered edges upside down.

My pool has a “Vinyl Liner” can you help?

E-Z Patch® 28 Clear Vinyl Liner Repair Sealant  has been designed to meet the challenges of vinyl lined pools. Works underwater and above water.

Our sealant makes it’s own clear patch. When repairing a very large rip or cut that has a lot of water flow or pressure, it can be used as an adhesive for a vinyl patch (clear vinyl patch included) that does not “suck through”. It is also excellent for repairs to plastic skimmer leaks or light fixture leaks.

Can you help with chips and cracks on glazed tile?

Glaze chips and cracks on glazed Ceramic tiles can be easily repaired with E-Z Patch® 15, available in many colors.

Do you have something for rebar rust?

In the past, repairing meant cutting out the steel rebar and carefully cleaning up the metal filings. Often times remaining steel not properly sealed would rust through again. To solve this problem, we developed a special formula sealing cement, E-Z Patch® 7. This product seals so well you’ll never have to cut out the old piece of rusted rebar.

How good are your color representations?

We take great care in preparing our color samples and charts along with maintaining a high standard of color consistency in the manufacturing process. Because of the wide variation in settings, display types and computer systems in use today, we cannot guarantee color accuracy. If you have a color critical project you are welcome to send a sample to our office and contact us with the details to ensure a proper color match.

What should I do differently Using “Cement Repair Kits” in cold weather?

Use less water when mixing, unless you are “dashing” texture using E-Z Patch® 2 repair kit.

Slightly warm up the substrate first using a hot air gun or hair dryer.

Make sure the substrate is dry.

Use our Fast Set (F.S.) products that work well in cold temperatures.

Use hot water when mixing. (Note: you may use warm water, when using our Fast Set (F.S.) products)

What is the safest way to check for color matching?

Before repairing your pool, take about a tablespoon of repair material and mix with a little water. Put some water on the existing surface to be repaired. Now compare to see if the colors match. If the existing surface is lighter, add some “Titanium Dioxide” white cement colorant to the repair material and dry mix. Remember to add only a small amount at a time so you do not put too much! Now compare again. If the existing surface is darker than the repair material, add some black cement dye.

What is different about E-Z Patch® Cement Repair Kits?

They match the original surface better:

  • All of the best selling Colors are available.
  • Texture (type and amount of aggregate, etc.)

They bond better:

  • These all have a bottle of liquid polymer acrylic bonder/ admixture enclosed.
    • E-Z Patch® 1
    • E-Z Patch® 2
    • E-Z Patch® 5
    • E-Z Patch® 6
    • E-Z Patch® 7
    • E-Z Patch® 9
    • E-Z Patch® 10
    • E-Z Patch® 11
    • E-Z Patch® 12
    • E-Z Patch® 13 and E-Z Patch® 14
  • E-Z Patch® 4 (tile grout) has a bottle of Latex.
  • Do not need liquid bonder/ admixture because they have dry polymers.
    • E-Z Patch® 1 F.S.
    • E-Z Patch® 3
    • E-Z Patch® 4 F.S.
    • E-Z Patch® 8
    • E-Z Patch® 9 F.S.
    • E-Z Patch® 10 F.S.
    • E-Z Patch® 11 F.S.
    • E-Z Patch® 12 F.S.

E-Z Patch® repairs last longer:

  • All of our cement repair kits have Polymers and Pozzolans added.
  • The finest materials are used.

They are “user friendly” and easy to work with:

  • If a little too much or too little of the liquid acrylic bonder is put in the dry mix of an E-Z Patch® kit, it won’t affect the usefulness and quality of the kit.
  • The mixtures provide easier texturing, matching & workability.